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Buongiorno and Bismillah,

Yes, more Hijab tutorials! And this time they are in collaboration with Hijabella's Crown. This brand from the Netherlands sent me two beautiful scarfs to share with you all!

But first a little bit about them: Hijabella's Crown is owned by a mother and her daughter, Rahiela and Amaania. Mrs. Rahiela, since she was little, has always dreamed of having her own brand and now she finally reached that Alhamdulillah.

The brand was born to offer cheap and good quality products for Muslim women. Hijabella's Crown is still at it's beginning but Inshallah this summer they will launch a line of clothes for the Muslim woman, as well. For now, they have these super comfy cotton scarfs in the colours: black, navy, dark green, mint green, light grey, dark brown, camel, taupe, beige, light pink, pink, mauve, red and mustard yellow. (down bellow you will find a surprise)

Hijab Tutorials:

#1- https://instagram.com/p/BUSiir-hKDM/

I really couldn't believe how fluffy and soft these scarfs are! This colour is so pretty, I've never used such bright light colours and omg why haven't I?!

#2- https://instagram.com/p/BUSjBXWBepK/

I'm gonna probably wear these scarfs all summer ahahah. The cotton is so breathable and airy.

Here is a little sneak peek of Hijabella's Crown next hijab collection!


Really guys go check them out on FB or IG @hijabellascrown, and check their awesome prices cos you'll be amazed!