Aya born in Egypt raised in Milan



From September 20th to the 25th in the city of fashion, Milan Italy, we had the Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Week. This year I had the pleasure to participate in some of the events that took place, all kinds of events. The fashion shows were really interesting, but if you are here to know which trends are new, or what Versace presented, you came to the wrong place.
Let me explain: Participating in the Milan Fashion Week made me notice how Italy, the land of high fashion and how Milan, the biggest multicultural city in the country, where not combining them together. All the events I participated I did not see or meet any other Muslim, hijabi girl. I saw all kinds of people, black, Asian, American, French, etc. but not Arabs or Muslims. It made me a bit sad to think that Muslims were not invited or considered in the event. Modest fashion is a thing!So, I took action and prepared a small project in collaboration with a photographer, a Muslim brand, and two music producers to show you some different styles and kinds of Muslim girls. I would love to redo this project in the future with a group of beautiful Italian Muslim girls. Of course, not all Muslim girls dress like this, but this is inspired by other fashion weeks that took into consideration Modest Fashion and Muslim Influencers.I was also inspired by the subway stations in my metropolitan city. It is the place where you can see the most different people from all over the world, but no one actually finds it as one of the symbols of the city. Everybody uses it, but no one gives attention to the secrets of it, and I think it is a nice way to represent Milan.Down below you can find the outfits I wore during some days of the fashion week and where I bought them. Please remember these outfits were suitable for the Fashion Week, so this is not how I normally dress on an everyday basis.



Glasses: ThriftedEarrings: H&MDSC_3231Tshirt: COTTON&SILKCoat: STRADIVARIUSDress: MANGOShoes: PUMADSC_3312Hijab: ROOHAYA COLLECTIONBag: MOSCHINOHoodie: AREEQ CLOTHINGDSC_3352Pants: PRIMARKShoes: ZARADSC_3286Scarf: no brand just some jersey fabric I bought and made into a scarf.Choker: H&MWatch: vintage JUST CAVALLIPullover: MANGODSC_3268Purse: Mom's old 90's purse.Pants: ZARAShoes: ADIDASDSC_3623Scarf: C&AEarrings: MANGOTshirt: COTTON&SILKBlazer: STRADIVARIOUSDSC_3640Pants: ZARAShoes: ZARAPH: @LEYLADEGANMUSIC: @ASHTONGOTBEARSMUSIC: @TEAKITGUCCII hope you enjoyed this project, it was so much fun to me and I really hope we can spread the world about hijab fashion here in Italy as well.