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Morning Skin Care Routine


Buongiorno and Bismillah,Today I am finally sharing with you my much requested morning skin care routine.Here is the steps I follow every morning:

  1. WASHING. I wash my face just with water in the morning because usually the night before I already cleansed my face deeply. When it comes to drying I don’t use a towel because towels can attract germs and dirt easily, so I either use cotton pads or paper towel.
  2. TONING. Sometimes we don’t really understand the use of the toner, but a toner can have many different benefits depending on what you use and what you need. I tend to change toners more as my skin changes more than I change creams or moisturizers. Toners are a gentle water based product that helps balancing the PH of your skin. The first toner I ever used was a rose water one that I think that is the perfect start because it is super extra gentle and it feels like your skin needed a glass of water. Then I really needed to work on my acne so I used a witch hazel toner that purifies and shrinks the pores. At the moment I am using a the MARIO BADESCU facial spray with aloe cucumber and green tea which I find very refreshing and soothing.
  3. MOISTURIZING + SPF. Hydrating your skin in the morning, giving it that extra layer of love is so important. I alway look for light but very rich moisturizers that contains SPF. Sun protection is essential to not let your skin wrinkle, dry and darken any spots in case you already have them. Even if you are staying home, or in the winter the UV rays can still reach your skin and damage it.
  4. LIPS. We all hate dry ugly lips. I use chapstick so many times during the day because not only you are keeping them nourished and plum but most chapsticks also contain spf. Yes babe, your lips need sun protection too!

This is my quick morning “get out of the door now” skin care routine!Check out the video of all this on my instagram @milanpyramid.