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Interview: Calligraphy Artists!


This year on my blog I want to give more space to the people, and I would like to start by telling you two stories that have one passion in common.

We are talking about Hassan and Ferdaous, they don’t know each other but they both are calligraphy artists. I came across Hassan aka SilentHaych on Instagram and I was honestly impressed by his unique style. But with Ferdi I had the pleasure to meet her in person and I was extremely happy to see that someone is bringing on our Arabic calligraphy in such a modern way!

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In fact, when I was talking with Ferdaous about where she gets her inspiration from she told me that“My paintings express my mood at that particular moment when I paint them, but there is also a reflection and a philosophical thought for each artwork. I’m particularly inspired by the 99 Names of Allah because each name has a deep meaning. My calligraphy isn’t academic, it is almost Arabic writing created with European art techniques. The techniques that I use to paint are inspired by the meaning of the name or phrase that I have to interpret, every centimetre of the canvas is not left to chance, but it is designed. I can think of the painting a long time ago or while I’m painting it, but I do always wonder before I act.”

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Oh, I didn’t tell you that Hassan has Mauritius origins, in fact, some of his latest inspiration came right from there: “I seek inspiration by being in different environments. At times, doing my artwork at my desk can be tiresome. At times, I sit in another room or even get away from my home altogether and go for a walk. Having started my artwork 7 months ago, for the first few months I felt dissatisfied. I felt the pieces lacked emotion and wasn’t really speaking to the audience. A recent trip to Mauritius changed this. I spent some time there searching my mind for what direction I wanted my artwork to take. I came back, reinvigorated, full of ideas and ready to share the world within my mind. Besides, who wouldn’t be inspired by being on such a beautiful island, right? Being part of different environments, while searching for inspiration, can unlock any creative blocks.”

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That’s actually a great advice for when you have an artist block! Sometimes art can communicate concepts better than words and when you are able to use both together I think that is extremely talented!

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“I work alongside photographers, using their photographs and combine this with my calligraphy. This, hopefully, expands the theme and creates a story. The story is expanded further by having a guest writer writing up a caption, evoking even more emotions. This has since become The Silent Haych Collaborators Project and is no longer restricted to my page. My work can be found on other creative pages where photographers and writers come together creating even more stories, shared with the community. Looking ahead, I hope to touch on important topics including mental health and domestic violence. The way we digest information has changed dramatically in recent years, we spend a lot of time on our phones, so I hope my collaborative work can direct the community to important and thought-provoking topics!”

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I adore this idea by Hassan, I think it is such an important and ambitious project that Inshallah will have huge success!

But Ferdi is super ambitious as well. What she tries to communicate through her paintings that “ … that that now a new culture is born, the one that unites two great worlds. In the future, it will be normal to see a painting of Ottoman Calligraphy on a background inspired by Pollock. I would also like that every person could be able to reflect herself in my paintings, perhaps in some less and in others more.”

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I really love their points of view and their art, I hope you enjoy it as well!

Please check them out on Instagram:

@ferdaoushafri @silenthaych_