Aya born in Egypt raised in Milan




Buongiorno and Bismillah,


I'm so excited for Ramadan this year and it is probably because I feel a little more prepared for it than the last ones. Around a month and a half ago I attended a webinar (online seminar) by Shaikh Nouman Ali Khan about how to understand the Quran and get closer to Allah by it. Mashallah and Allahuma Barek Shaikh Nouman, it was so eye-opening and helpful, especially for young Muslims that live in the western world as I do. I already wanted to start working on my iman and get back on track but that lesson really pushed me into deciding to start immediately. After taking some time for a personal faith improvement path based on that webinar I decided to prepare myself for this beautiful holy month 30 days before it starts.

Ramadan is the only month in the year during which we try to take every distraction of this Dunya away and focus on building a strong connection with Allah swt. But this connection doesn't start automatically the first of Ramadan, so on these 30 days I focused on 3 things that would have led me to it Inshallah:

  1. ZIKR – It doesn't take any time to just remember Allah and repeat some simple words like SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, La ilaha illAllah, Allahu Akbar and Astaghfirullah. This last one (Astaghfirullah) is my favorite, the Prophet Muhammad asws used to recite it at least 100 times a day, and it is so powerful. But I think, I'm not sure about it, Zikr can be done with the most simple things like making dua, or thanking and praising God for something, or reading books about Islam, about the prophets, about the ahadith.

  2. SALAH – The thing I struggle with the most is praying each salah on time and be consistent with my prayers. So I took a sheet of paper, drew a calendar and on it each day I would write down how many prayers on 5 I accomplished. If I was on time I would draw a symbol with the green pen next to it, or red if I wasn't. It is really nice to see all these 5/5 with cute green symbols at the end of the week, it gave me the motivation to keep going.

  3. SIYAM – Fasting is not just for Ramadan, there are many other occasions during the year that are sunnah to fast. For example, each Monday and Thursday, and those are exactly the days that I decided to start fasting until Ramadan Inshallah. Let's say that this last goal didn't go as well as the others because of lady time, medicines for my toothache etc. But I honestly tried and I am still trying. And that is also on that special praying calender.

I know these are three super basic things all Muslims should always be doing but we don't always do it regularly. So in these 10 last days, I really suggest you all to continue with me perseviring until Ramadan, Insh'Allah.  Please if you have any advice or idea that could enrich my iman let me know!

Please remember I'm not the best Muslim and I don't know everything about Islam but may Allah make our iman stronger and give us the opportunity to enjoy this Ramadan Inshallah.