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Yesterday I published the first part of this regarding the ruling of the European Court of Justice, now here is my opinion on it. If you don't know what I'm talking about please go check it out.

When last week I read an article about the declaration of the European Court of Justice, I was shocked and I couldn't believe the news. Once I checked the original document itself I just wanted to burst down in tears.

I love Europe, my parent brought me to Italy less than six months after my birth, while they were already living here for many years. I've always said how proud I am to be part of the European Union population and always saw only the good aspects of it. I always thought that Europe was so much better than the United States when it comes to human rights and respect for diversity. But growing up I started seeing more clear, and last week I got deeply disappointed.

The E.U. is made of 28 countries all around the continent, not all the countries that are in Europe (as a continent) are part of the Union. Now in 28 counties companies can fire Muslim women at any time because of them wearing a piece of cloth, without them complaining about discrimination. This is legal.

If you are a non-Muslim reading this you are probably wondering why do we even wear it, if it is causing us problems, right? Muslim women wear the hijab for different reasons but the main on is that Allah (God in Arabic) says so in the Quran (Muslims book). The hijab is a symbol of our commitment towards our faith and being modest. The hijab is not just about covering our hair, it's about not showing your bodies in the wrong way. It's about covering your beauty to have the power to decide who can have access to it. It's about having the freedom to not be judged on how small your boobs are or how fat your thighs are. It's about walking into the world knowing who you are and what you believe in. It gives us the strength that arises from our words and our actions only.

Why do nuns cover their hair and dress in a modest way? The reason is the same dedication to God. The difference is in the freedom to get married and to do so much more, you don't even imagine. Would you ever ask a nun to show her hair? Would you ever ask a woman to strip at a workplace and show her bare body? Because this is exactly how it feels to us.

Don't get me wrong, I am a feminist! All women should have the right to show their body however they want. Girl if you strip naked at work, you do you boo! If you wanna show your beautiful body, go ahead and rock it! I'm all about body positivity. But the same freedom you have to walk down the Moroccan beaches in bikini, I should have it at the workplace wearing a piece of cloth more.

Where is Justice when the highest Court of Justice of 28 western countries around the world decides that it is not a discrimination to fire me because I am more covered than the average western woman? Where is Justice when it is legal that a customer's complaint can get me fired because I refuse to be oppressed by discrimination? Where is Justice when a woman can't have power over her own body?

This is 2017.