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This chart from the Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union) shows how there is a higher percentage of women that have completed tertiary education (universities etc.) but a gender employment gap is still persistent. Of course, there is a lot more behind these numbers but the employment gap leads to a gender pay gap. The Eurostat reports "Across the EU, women earn less per hour than men do overall."

Now that is clear that women get employed less and earn less in the EU, let's talk about the Muslims minority situation in EU.

How many Muslims are there in the European union? The Muslims Europeans population is a lot, lot less than how much people believe it is. A study conducted by Ipsos Mori for The Economists, shows the public opinion in response to "what do you think is the percentage of Muslims in the population of your country?"


So if you look at the graph map:

  1. The darker the colour of the country the higher the number of Muslims in that country is (in 2010).

  2. The orange (fat) slice of the pie that you see on each country is how many Muslims, the people THINK live in their country. The brown (small) slice is THE ACTUAL PERCENTAGE OF MUSLIMS in each country (in 2014).

Italians think that Muslims are the 20% of their population when actually it's just 4%. In France where there is the highest number of Muslims in the European Union that number is only 8% of the whole population, but people think it is 31%.

Therefore we are not "islamiphing" Europe, also because we can't even get a job:

This pie chart by infogr.am for Independent display the Muslim population in the UK, the UK is before BREXIT was in the EU and these research have been published in August 2016.


Now let's see how high is the unemployment rate of Muslims in the UK:


But how many Muslim women have a job compared to Muslim men?:


Is it just a gender problem or is there something more? In this last presentation you can see that 25% of employers are hesitant when it comes to hiring Muslim woman.


I want you to keep in mind that here we are talking about the United Kingdom a place where people are pretty open minded and uhm.. less racists I suppose; but if you go south the situation changes and that 25% gets higher!

MORAL OF THE STORY: We have always been struggling to get a job in Europe so there was no need for the European Court of Justice to make it legally harder.